A management platform to manage the scarce resources of a Brussels hospital, in the midst of the coronavirus crisis

In the context of the Coronavirus crisis, there was an urgent need for the Hospital Crisis Unit to visualise the situation of its different services, including the number of free beds for people in intensive care, in real time. More generally, the hospital management team needed tools to ensure efficient, real-time allocation of material and resources, and optimal reception of patients based on their health status.

It was crucial to devise an approach and a solution that would help the normally isolated services consolidate information.

In a crisis context, up-to-date and accurate information is essential for making the right decisions. Over 3 days in March 2020, joint teams consisting of dFakto and Penbox staff worked relentlessly in collaboration with the Crisis Unit of the University Hospital to deploy an operational IT platform that would suitably support the Hospital’s staff.

dFakto implemented a proPilot solution, tailored to manage crisis plans. With its fast and simple data capture interface, information on resource availability (beds, pumps, oxygen etc.) from the different field departments is gathered and shared in real time.

Penbox’ solution was used to provide information regarding the availability of nursing staff, based on a ‘check-in’ and ‘check-out’ system that could be accessed using smartphones.

We then deployed a dataFactory to aggregate the information from both the proPilot and Penbox applications and to make the combined information available in a reporting and visualisation tool.

Thibaut De Vylder, CEO of dFakto, said: “In order to support the collective war effort, we were happy to rapidly supply the hospital with a data-management platform. The solution can be replicated whilst adapting to the specificities of any structure. It’s obviously the case for hospitals, but also for public institutions or other organisation under pressure that want to have the best operational solution in just a few days.”