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dataFaktory, all benefits in the hands of business users


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  • dataFaktory, our datamanagement platform, differs from technical solutions designed for data experts in several ways. Let’s take a closer look at all these differentiating points.


  1. User-Friendly Interface: dataFaktory prioritizes a user-friendly interface that simplifies data management tasks. It is designed to be intuitive and accessible to business users, allowing them to configure, operate, and maintain the solution without extensive technical knowledge. This focus on user experience sets it apart from other Data Vault solutions that may have more complex interfaces tailored for technical experts.



  1. Business-Oriented Architecture: dataFaktory adopts a business-oriented architecture that aligns with the needs of business stakeholders. It bridges the gap between business requirements and technical implementation, emphasizing the understanding and usage of data by non-technical profiles. This approach makes it easier for business users to leverage the solution effectively, distinguishing it from Data Vault solutions that primarily cater to technical experts.



  1. Orchestration, Automation, and Simplification: dataFaktory excels in orchestration, automation, and simplification of data management processes. It automates complex operations such as data extraction, transformation, and distribution, reducing the reliance on manual intervention. By streamlining these processes, dataFaktory minimizes the effort required for data management, making it more efficient compared to other Data Vault solutions that may involve more manual steps.



  1. Embedded Data Quality: dataFaktory embeds data quality controls as an integral part of the solution. It applies data quality measures not only to individual data sources but also to combined sources, ensuring the overall quality of the data ecosystem. This built-in data quality feature sets it apart from other Data Vault solutions that may require additional tools or processes to address data quality concerns.



  1. Techno-Agnostic Approach: dataFaktory embraces a techno-agnostic approach, allowing it to connect with different and heterogeneous data sources. It is compatible with various underlying technologies, including different databases, ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) tools, SQL scripts, Python routines, and BI (Business Intelligence) tools. This flexibility enables dataFaktory to leverage existing technology investments, making it adaptable to diverse technology environments.



  1. Ready-to-Use dashboards: dataFaktory offers a comprehensive set of ready-to-use business dashboards across multiple management domains such as sales, marketing, finance, and inventory. These dashboards provide immediate access to key insights and metrics, covering 95% of an organization’s typical needs. The pre-built dashboards are designed with a user-friendly interface and require minimal customization, distinguishing dataFaktory from Data Vault solutions that may lack this out-of-the-box dashboard functionality.



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