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Success Case

Master Data Management: consolidating the information into a single version


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  • The implementation of a Master Data Management (MDM)system for this leader in payment services has helped them better manage their customers. 


For this European leader in payment and transaction services, the complexity of its systems increased exponentially with its business growth, the result of successive acquisitions. The data of the different sources were going through different enrichment paths and calculation rules. This resulted in barely comparable outputs, giving the commercial and aftersales teams poor insight when it came to decision-making.


The dataFaktory was selected to take over the data of the different operational systems of all group’s entities, resulting in a unified view of their customers and installed base of payment terminals, and better tracking of their commercial and aftersales activities.


As an agile Master Data Management solution, the dataFaktory connects with the CRMs and ERPs of all the group’s entities. The data from all the systems are loaded several times per day; then go through data quality checks, enrichments and business rules, so that data structure and consistency are ensured. That information is finally presented to business users via reports and in their daily operational tools, enabling them to take the right commercial decisions.



Group’s MDM owner said “Replacing all the group entities’ systems at once with a single data warehouse would have taken years to complete, but there was an urgent need to supply the business with consistent information. With dFakto’s solution, we started by connecting 3 data sources, and we developed the reports that the teams needed. We have added other business systems over time, connecting over 80 sources: the dataFaktory has become our automated MDM platform, our only customer referential.”




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