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Turn raw data from multiple sources into qualitative and ready-to-use data for effective decision making.

Automate your data warehouse.

Cut out all the manual processes, source of errors and wasted time. Don’t re-engineer your data warehouse every time a business change occurs.

Improve business data quality.

Apply automatic quality check inter and intra-sources, take action quickly when needed. That’s crucial for hundreds of data consumers. Trust really your data now.

Master your data management.

Build your “gold record” referential so the business teams have always the freshest data possible. One single version of the truth, available anywhere, anytime. 

Fuel automatically dashboards needs.

Build an intermediate model that structures, stores and historicizes your data independently of their uses. Answer fast to changing sources and business requests.

Key features

Datafaktory,  how does it work? 

Connect anything


From raw data to any systems, connect all your sources easily as for the first one (datalake, operational systems, excels, relational database, legacy tools, etc…



Make data business ready


Store, historicize and improve data quality to facilitate data warehouse automation. Data is structured, enriched and documented to be available in datasets (information marts).



Deliver where needed


Data is always accurate and up-to-date for all your data consumers, in-house analytics and open data. Send data to dashboard, excels, data warehouse or fuel your AI initiatives.




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Benefits in weeks, not months

Fast deployment


Greatly accelerate data warehouse deployment without incurring technical debt.

Built for change


Adapt to rapid changes in technology and sources – no need to restart from scratch.

Secure by design


Your data is 100% safe. We provide cloud or on-premise solutions to the highest security standards.

Techno agnostic


Connect all your existing tools and technologies, such as database, ETL, datviz in a single place without hassle.

They trust Dfakto.
Our customers say it best!
  • Thierry Soubestre


    In a few weeks, 5 critical financial data sources were integrated and information is now available

  • Hervé Gouëzel


    The dFakto solutions  let us keep control of our plan and largely surpass our initial objectives.

  • Bruno Parent

    General Secretary Recovery Plan

    With proPilot, we are able  to steer effectively the COVID19 Recovery Plan across all ministries.

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