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In today’s perpetual disruption and digital transformation era, volume of data managed expand exponentially and change the way organizations do business. This comes as little surprise and induces a rising demand for data-driven customer experiences, together with changing data volume/sources and quality requirements.
However, company runs their processes over hundreds of systems that don’t play nice together, leaving a lot of room for inefficiencies to hide that are silent killers to your business performance.
While many companies state they want to be data-driven, most have only begun to scratch the surface in terms of realizing the full potential of this rich resource.
Dfakto recognizes the right for organizations to become truly data-driven, moving from a fragmented view to a global vision and drive their strategy even further.

How we help tackle these challenges ?

Build your next generation data warehouse automation platform with its unique low-code/no-code approach. Accelerate your business today and generate untapped value from your organization’s data.
Cut out all the manual processes, source of errors and wasted time. Don’t re-engineer your data warehouse every time a business change occurs.
Apply automatic quality check inter and intra-sources, take action quickly when needed. Trust really your data now.
Build your “gold record” referential so the business teams have always the freshest data possible. One single version of the truth.
Build an intermediate model that structures, stores and historicizes your data independently of their uses. Answer fast to changing sources and business requests.
Plan, do, check and align all your strategic plans in one single platform designed and built for modern and efficient organizations. No more spreadsheets sent via emails or time wasted for reconciliation. Focus on what really matters, achieving your goals. .
Bring clarity in your entire organization when it comes to goals and responsibilities. Ensure alignment across business units, no more gaps or duplication
Know how your initiatives are performing in real time. Track progress of your strategic kpi’s automatically in your single source of truth.
Identify risks in your strategy at a glance and before it is too late. Improve your plans on the fly and keep all the stakeholders in the loop seamlessly.
Recognize performers within your organization, build emulation among your employees. At the end, strategy execution is about people.

They trust Dfakto.
Why not you?

  • Thierry Soubestre

    In a few weeks, 5 critical financial data sources were integrated and information is now available every day.

  • Bruno Parent

    With propilot, we are able to share information in real time and use this effectively to steer the covid19 recovery plan across all ministries

  • Hervé Gouëzel

    The solutions offered by dfakto let us keep control of our plan. In the end, we were able to largely surpass our initial objectives.

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