Management platform for healthcare staff and internal requests implemented in 3 days in a Brussels Hospital, as part of the fight against coronavirus.


coronna01 150x150 - A platform to support COVID-19 crisis management at Brugmann University Hospital

Between Thursday 19th and Sunday 22nd March, joint teams from dFakto and Penbox worked relentlessly in collaboration with the Crisis Unit of the Brugmann University Hospital to deploy an operational IT platform and support the hospital’s staff.

The aim:

In the context of the crisis caused by the Coronnavirus, to allow the Hospital Crisis Unit to visualize in real time the situation of the different services, and to ensure an efficient piloting of real time allocation of material and resources.

Decompartmentalize the management by service to ensure the reception of the patients in the best conditions depending on their health status.


client 150x150 - A platform to support COVID-19 crisis management at Brugmann University Hospital

In this time of crisis, the management of the nursing personal (management of availabilities, attribution of the workforce) is critical and it is essential to simplify the management of requests from services while responding to new needs. Information needs to be provided in real time and no longer periodically, as is usually the case. However, without a suitable technological solution, organizations are forced to revert to managing it manually… even as the complexity of needs increases.



Consequently, we have put in place a platform to improve these tasks, essential to maintain the operation of the institution and for real-time crisis management.

Gather information directly from the front line

In a crisis context, up-to-date and high-quality information is crucial for making the right decision. We implemented our ProPilot solution tailored to a crisis management plan. This allows the information to be directly transmitted in real time by the various departments. Penbox’s solution allows tracking of availability of the nursing staff thanks to a “check in” “check out” system directly accessible on smartphone.

See to decide better

It is essential to centralize all the information about the hospital in order to benefit from a 360° overview: this allows the crisis unit to take the best possible decisions. To meet this requirement, we made all the data available in a tool adapted for reporting and visualization.

Centralise to prioritise

Requests stream in continuously from all departments: logistic, administrative or even staffing needs. Without a suitable tool, the coordination teams find it difficult to respond promptly. Upon request of the Brugmann University Hospital, we deployed a tool to capture, centralize and monitor all the information needed to manage the crisis on the various sites and each department within them.

A reusable technology that can be used endlessly, in times of crisis… or on a daily basis!

In order to support the collective war effort, the platform implemented at the Brugman Hospital can be replicated whilst adapting to the specificities of any structure.It’s obviously the case for hospitals, but also for public institutions or other organisation under pressure that want to have the best operational solution in just a few days.

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