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The general data protection regulation will come into effect on May 25th, which underlines the importance of establishing a strong data culture within each company. For Thibaut De Vylder, CEO of dFakto, the findings are not appealing: “Many organizations are still doing gap analysis, and too few have started the actual shift to implementation. It is […]

“Get your Free ticket – Come and Visit us @ « Salon Stratégie Clients » in Paris 10th, 11th & 12th of April” In the continuity of our partnership with Nixxis (Call Center Solution Provider), dFakto will share a stand on the fair “Stratégie Clients” taking place in Paris. dFakto will present its post-assessment application tool « GDPR360 » which drastically improve daily […]

Nixxis’s advanced Contact Suite is a visionary and flexible solution that has been designed anticipating all future needs of contact centers in terms of customer interactions (phone, email, chat, sms, social networks). 80% of Nixxis’s customers report up to 20% increase in productivity and profitability. By promoting dFakto’s GDPR 360 application suite, Nixxis is probably one of the first that brings […]


The financial crash of 2008 inspired the first cryptocurrency: Bitcoin, developed by the Satochi Nakamoto group. In simple terms, Bitcoin works as an open source, public distributed ledger, meaning the data, in this instance a digital currency, is decentralised. Bitcoin was developed to offer an alternative currency to the centralised, government controlled currencies. But how […]

As the rules of business are being rewritten on quarterly basis and available data grow exponentially, organisations are feeling the need to become data-driven. They want short term results using data today and produce new value propositions for tomorrow. They also want to decide using facts and analysis instead of guts feelings. They are looking for game-changing approaches […]

You want to learn more on data-driven management? come to see us at the Data Summit on the 17th of November in Brussels. Be the first to get your free pass* ! As the rules of business are being rewritten on quarterly basis and available data grow exponentially, organisations are feeling the need to become data-driven. […]

Joana Schmitz, Patrick Esselinckx and Arnaud Briol of dFakto were recently interviewed by Arnaud Martin, an independent journalist for the newspaper Le Soir, Références, and Trends-Tendances. In this interview, they share their secrets for success as well as the difficulties SMEs have in finding their place next to large companies, especially when it comes to […]

You have reviewed the latest reports and the numbers are close, but something has changed? You are tempted to review the data modeling to try and correct the perceived error ? But you know that it is going to take some time to trace, and you have no guarantee of finding an answer. Perhaps someone has […]

Wouldn’t you like to have all of your processes working synchronously off of a conformed set of Master Data? With a bit of ambition, you may even envision parallel processes utilizing this master data to harmonize the customer and business experience into something more efficient. If you’ve tried, I bet you’ve found that it’s like […]

dFakto asked Guido Dauchy, former Head of Transformation at BNP Paribas Fortis, to share his experiences of working with dFakto on the transformation plans at BNP Paribas Fortis. BNP Paribas Fortis is a long-term client of dFakto and we have been fortunate to work with them even before the transformation plans of 2012 were announced. […]

So you actually bought into that new technology stack that was really going to improve your analytics and help you make better decisions? The truth is while it may well help, the conflict between flexible enterprise change and accurate historical reporting will be always be a discipline rather than a technology when supporting a successful […]

Is your company’s data warehouse working the way you want it to? Are you happy with your dashboards? Do all the sources of data you produce feed into it? It’s possible that if you’re using the ‘old methods’, the answer is ‘probably not’. Sadly this is going to change anytime soon if your business changes […]

dFakto explains how you can both grow profits while lowering costs by responding more rapidly to your customers’ needs Many companies are under constant pressure, and this is felt right throughout the company. While boards and CEOs continue to insist on increased revenues and lower costs, the necessity to delight the customer, multiply customer growth […]

Data Vaults are agile, but what does that mean in simple terms? In simple terms, it means you don’t have to “eat the whole whale” at one time. Indeed small bites are more effective for achieving data visibility. You can even task the meal to a collection of people all at once, and the pace […]

Regulation often drives evolution in organisations, but never before has regulation been so close to shaping every organisation’s approach to data. The General Data Protection Regulation, EU’s answer to the increasingly fast evolution of data collection and treatment in our modern world, intends to rule the collection and usage of personal data through a global […]

Transformation has become a necessity in business rather than a nice to have, indeed those businesses not thinking about it in one form or another, are really just sticking their heads in the sand. Research by the consulting company McKinsey confirms that only 26% of executives say their companies’ transformations have been very or completely […]

First of all, we would like to state that we are very proud that our “T360 solution” has functionalities that are completely in line with the expectations and trends for 2017! A point that recently got validated twice, first in Forbes and afterward by Alexandra Levit, currently a writer for the NY Times mentioning dFakto’s achievements in VR […]

As you’ll surely know the overall objective of the BCBS239 regulation is to strengthen banks risk data aggregation capabilities and risk reporting practices, as it relates to credit risk, operational risk, market risk and liquidity risk. Now this regulation is mandatory for the ‘systemically important banks’ – known as G-SIBs – such as BNP Paribas, […]

The goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight. Carly Fiorina, Former CEO of HP   There are many different factors that contribute to dFakto’s ability to deliver insights and results quickly and accurately. The main factor is its proprietary “DataFactory”, that uses a “Data Vaulting” process for inputting data. Here is […]

Our CEO has a habit of meeting interesting people … A chance meeting with a Forbes journalist – in the back of an Uber taxi in Lisbon (on the way to the Web Summit) – worked out rather nicely for dFakto. This short Forbes article of November 8, 2016 neatly covers the reasons dFakto’s programme/project […]

At dFakto we recently celebrated our 16th birthday, a day where our CEO, Thibaut De Vylder, stopped for a moment to share with you what he has learned from the past 16 years and what we are looking forward to in the future: “16 years ago… it seems to me as if it was only […]

If you’re still considering how you can digitally transform your company, then don’t ‘consider’ for too much longer. Industry after industry has stood by and watched their business model being upended by young pretenders, often with very little direct industry experience. Ask yourself this. Are there are any frictions in your business that the latest […]

“All I want are the latest trends and customer insights from our data.” Why is it that this seemingly modest request from a senior manager can cause panic in the marketing department? “It should be easy,” you hear them say, “after all we’ve got loads of information about our customers, just search for it.” Now […]

In the not too distant past, business transformation used to be called ‘business reengineering’, but this term quickly came to be seen as rather negative and merely an excuse to fire large numbers of people. The whole concept of transforming businesses lives on as it became increasingly clear how necessary it was and still is. […]

We are currently looking for a passionate and talented Software Developer Job Description You will be amazed by how we work together as a team at dFakto, for it’s a team that embraces collaboration and cohesion between people with different fields of expertise. Business specialists, solution developers, UX designers, data architects ─ just to name […]