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Program and project management platforms using 3D Printing and Virtual Reality

First of all, we would like to state that we are very proud that our “T360 solution” has functionalities

First of all, we would like to state that we are very proud that our “T360 solution” has functionalities that are completely in line with the expectations and trends for 2017! A point that recently got validated twice, first in Forbes and afterward by Alexandra Levit, currently a writer for the NY Times mentioning dFakto’s achievements in VR and 3D-printing on QuickBase as the number 1 trend in project Management Developments for 2017.

3D Printing and Virtual Reality for project management?

Many projects today take place in the cloud and via distributed teams, which can make it difficult for team members to feel fully immersed in their work experiences. Virtual reality and 3D printing technology reinvigorate the project lifecycle so that tasks and collaboration efforts resonate more strongly.

As stated by our CEO Thibaut de Vylder during the interview for the article in forbes: “We created a UX experience in project management that allows people to update their project status in 30 seconds or less each month just by focusing on what’s most important.”

The virtual reality experience provides full immersion with an app that allows Project Managers to see progress charts in a personal theatre style. Focus your eyes on a particular chart, and it grows. You can dive into elaborations the same way. The 3D printing component, similarly, facilitates the sense of touch. It creates something you can put on your desk, unlike a digital report that you can’t see once you close it.

What we believe

We definitively believe that these technologies reduce the information gap by providing the information and insights the way that people expect it. Not only do future data-driven platforms need to be open, modular and techno-agnostic but they also need to deliver value to the stakeholders.

We strongly believe that the following principles are the key to success driven results.

  • Open: to any useful technology that provides value.
  • Modular: the considered technology must integrate smoothly and can be replaced on demand.
  • Techno-agnostic: no religion. Just cost effectiveness!

Take a look here if you want to know more about T360.