“All I want are the latest trends and customer insights from our data.”

Why is it that this seemingly modest request from a senior manager can cause panic in the marketing department?

“It should be easy,” you hear them say, “after all we’ve got loads of information about our customers, just search for it.”

Now if only it were that simple.

See your customers more clearly

Many companies have reams of data on their customers, and most have good intentions of using it for cross selling and retention purposes … one day. The problems are multiple however, as much of the information is spread out in different databases using non-standardized information. It’s like looking for the proverbial needle in the haystack, and many just don’t know where to start.

dFakto are experts in data-driven marketing and technology. They know how and where to find the data, and the best way to extract and enhance it. They’ll help you move from data to information, from intuition to insights and as a result your marketing department will be able to see and seize the opportunities your customers already offer.

If you’re still considering how you can digitally transform your company, then don’t ‘consider’ for too much longer. Industry after industry has stood by and watched their business model being upended by young pretenders, often with very little direct industry experience.

Ask yourself this. Are there are any frictions in your business that the latest processes, technology and tools could eliminate, thereby making your customers lives better? If you find something – or many things more likely – and you don’t do anything about it, be prepared to play catch up. Think like a startup. Redesign your company using all the latest automated advances out there because if you don’t, someone else surely will.

Digital regeneration

With expertise in both camps, technology and business consulting, dFakto can help you make the move to digital more easily and more efficiently. It sees two clear areas to focus on, in the short to medium term, to gain and maintain your competitive advantage.

The first relates to eliminating the distinction between digital and physical, online and offline. Your new digital transformation should strive to be a seamless service for you and your customers.

The second encourages you to make more use of analytics. dFakto can help you extract the important data, and then enhance it, model it and improve it, so that ultimately you’ll have the information and insights you need to make the strategic decisions of the future.

In conclusion, there’s no need to look around you to those who you think may deliver a better digital experience to their customers. It’s not time to panic or be scared, as most companies still need to go through a real digital transformation. And if you think your back-end processes and tools are not adapted to support you, you are not alone – many companies are in the same boat. Now, if you need some help, … we’ll be glad to assist you.