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Are you prepared for 5X customer growth ?

dFakto explains how you can both grow profits while lowering costs by responding more rapidly to your customers’

dFakto explains how you can both grow profits while lowering costs by responding more rapidly to your customers’ needs

Many companies are under constant pressure, and this is felt right throughout the company. While boards and CEOs continue to insist on increased revenues and lower costs, the necessity to delight the customer, multiply customer growth and have them at the centre of your preoccupations is becoming increasingly critical to the well being of the business.

The problem is that while companies are trying hard to become better, the results often fall short. dFakto believes that to be successful in building value and providing compelling customer experiences at a lower cost, companies need to use the power of digital and data to transform themselves into a more agile and more effective organisation devoted to the customer growth.

Boosting customer growth – It’s not about big data, it’s about the right data

Sadly, a company’s internal systems are too often disconnected from the reality of the customer. This is the way it is as most of these processes grew from an internal requirement and a traditional focus on siloed products and services. This inside-out focus is at odds with winning over the customers of today who are increasingly demanding and tech-savvy.

Even for those companies who have taken the decision to build a ‘live’ picture of their customer have run into difficulties. There is a natural desire to link legacy ERP system with a new CRM approach, yet the results have been patchy to say the least. This kind of decision often means years of development and decisions on technology that are quickly superseded and behind the times. In short, there is quite a distance between the internal systems and processes (with legacy systems and rigid IT infrastructure) and the demands of the marketing department and ‘customer experience’ management.

Customer growth thanks to fast, evolutive and tailor made data management platform

A rapid and efficient solution to this problem is a dynamic data warehouse from dFakto. It sources the required data no matter from what type of system and puts it in a unique “data factory”. There the data is enriched as necessary, and quality controlled, and converted into advanced reports that offer genuine customer insights.

The result is near real time data on your customers and a far greater marketing agility letting you make decisions and respond to changing customer expectations rapidly. The system offers insights based on real data, real customer-centric data and is highly secure.

The payback to you is operational excellence and a far more nimble organization : dFakto can develop a proposal in days and deliver first data insights within a matter of months. We’ve done it before for the civil engineering, aerospace, finance and the automotive sectors, and we can do it for you.

Ask us for a confidential conversation and see how we can help you generate growth beyond your expectations : Thibaut Ladry –, m : +32 473 514 730.

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