Thibaut de Vylder, CEO at dFakto presents to CIO Applications Europe how dFakto’s GDPR solution was a real opportunity for companies. Discover here the full article !

The General Data Protection Regulation has raised the data protection bar for companies with data on citizens of the European Union (EU). On the contrary, in dFakto, we believe that GDPR is a great opportunity to improve data management and processing above all within the data subject, client and partner relationships.

In the process of attaining GDPR compliance, many businesses face unexpected GDPR-related workload to be achieved promptly after the initial GDPR Assessment.

To address this challenges, dFakto offers a data-driven management ecosystem and complete end-to-end products and services to minimize the customers’ GDPR compliance issues while focusing on their competitive data advantages.

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dFakto is proud to be part of the TOP 10 GDPR solutions providers established by CIO applications!

The all in one GDPR solution does not exist! That’s why dFakto has developed an agile and innovative solution based on its recognized expertise in steering governance!

To be effective, GDPR compliance needs to be assessed, driven at different levels of the company, and measured continuously.

dFakto’s GDPR solution integrates every essential modules for a successful evaluation and ensure your compliance over time!

With strategic partners, dFakto solution integrates the mandatory modules to manage the GDPR and other regulations that affect your business.

By combining recognized expertise with a flexible and scalable solution, dFakto has integrated the TOP 10 GDPR solutions!

Check out the intervention of the CEO of dFakto Thibaut de Vylder for CIO applications.