dFakto combines both industry and technical expertise to address specific client challenges and deliver actionable insights based on real and verified data.


dFakto delivers end to end solutions that covers all phases : from conception, design, build, operations to maintenance.


dFakto has developed a proven methodology that will help you quickly understand and extract the right information within your company, and then process it with their advanced data-driven platform.

Empower your future today, by relying on our data-driven consultants supported by our data-driven solutions. Don’t rely on intuition or personal experience anymore to understand the progress of an activity.

Our data-driven consultants and our data-driven solution will take you beyond just marketing. Start piloting all your processes holistically in a cost-effective, incremental & sustainable way. 

Become an organization driven by data-based decisions and see a direct impact on productivity and profits. dFakto will help you integrate massive amounts of information from different areas of your business and combine it to deliver actionable data, in real time.

Your Data

It all starts with your data. Whether it is structured, unstructured, dynamic or static, our unique modelling approach enables users to blend multiple types of data sources to improve business performance, in a scalable and flexible way.

Our Platform

Over the years, we have built a platform that offers unrivalled agility and future readiness as we develop data solutions for our customers. Our platform has been set up to handle all possible incoming data sources, no matter what tools you may use to store data within your company.

We take data processing to the next level. Our platform will not only track your data history, it complements and enriches your data with external data sources and performs the necessary quality checks on all incoming data.

Reports can be produced in an instant in the format of your choice: dashboarding, API connections, 3D visualizations, personalized videos and any other custom outputs.


Our Processes

Your data and our data-capturing platform are only the beginning of our solution to optimise your business performance. Once the right data has been captured through our platform, we use agile business intelligence to convert it into value-added information. Our advanced analytics experience ensures that you will gain valuable insights from your information, the kind that managers at the top of an organisation want and need to make informed and optimal decisions.

But our expertise doesn’t stop there. We shape those decisions into a plan that can be implemented and put into action at any level of your organisation.

Our Experts

Building data-driven services and products is largely based on a state-of-the-art platform, one that requires the creation of a data-driven process. But it can only be done if you can rely on a team of experts. At dFakto, you can draw on the talents of a large pool of experts that can support and guide you every step of the way to better your performance.