In an economy that is increasingly driven by repeat business transformations, decision makers need to ensure that their plans are translated into actions, and that these plans are well executed. They therefore need to track their progress so that they can allocate the resources necessary for more effective initiatives and change. It is after all this ability to shift gears and deliver sweeping transformations that is proving to be a significant competitive advantage today.

dFakto’s data-driven transformation services make sure that senior executives and management have the information they need to be the driver of successful transformation initiatives from a financial perspective, while still ensuring that the business benefits are delivered as planned. After all, it’s important that everyone shares the same version of the truth when it comes to measuring current and future performance, so they can take the appropriate corrective actions.

Here, it’s all about using dFakto’s technology and business expertise to source and gather the necessary data to create consistent and multi-layered information, that in turn feeds the decision-making processes with the insights required. This information is produced as often as necessary to gauge progress and confirm financial alignment.

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dFakto asked Guido Dauchy, former Head of Transformation at BNP Paribas Fortis, to share his experiences of working with dFakto on the transformation plans at BNP Paribas Fortis. BNP Paribas Fortis is a long-term client of dFakto and we have been fortunate to work with them even before the transformation plans of 2012 were announced. […]

Transformation has become a necessity in business rather than a nice to have, indeed those businesses not thinking about it in one form or another, are really just sticking their heads in the sand. Research by the consulting company McKinsey confirms that only 26% of executives say their companies’ transformations have been very or completely […]

If you’re still considering how you can digitally transform your company, then don’t ‘consider’ for too much longer. Industry after industry has stood by and watched their business model being upended by young pretenders, often with very little direct industry experience. Ask yourself this. Are there are any frictions in your business that the latest […]

In the not too distant past, business transformation used to be called ‘business reengineering’, but this term quickly came to be seen as rather negative and merely an excuse to fire large numbers of people. The whole concept of transforming businesses lives on as it became increasingly clear how necessary it was and still is. […]

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