Empower your future today, by relying on our data-driven consultants supported by our data-driven solutions.
Don’t rely on intuition or personal experience anymore to understand the progress of an activity.

Our data-driven consultants and our data-driven solution will take you beyond just marketing. Start piloting all your processes holistically in a cost-effective, incremental & sustainable way.

Become an organization driven by data-based decisions and see a direct impact on productivity and profits.
dFakto will help you integrate massive amounts of information from different areas of your business and combine it to deliver actionable data, in real time.


By combining our industry experience and technical know-how, dFakto is able to quickly understand and extract the right information from your company, and process it in an advanced data-driven platform.

This allows companies to see what’s going on more clearly, giving executives more time for analysis and insightful decision making.

We believe that our customers can drive performance and create a competitive advantage by better using the data they already own.

dFakto works in small mixed-skill teams that blend deep business experience, innovative technology expertise and agile project management.

The result? Responsive solutions to our clients’ business concerns within remarkably short timeframes – a first proof of concept delivered in just 1 month and an up and running solution within 3 months.

And what’s more, we keep the client’s team intimately involved with the whole process, to ease knowledge transfer in the future, and keep them firmly in the driving seat.

While currently our services mainly focus on the critical issues and opportunities that arise for our clients today, namely financial, business transformation and customer success management, we are also well equipped to tackle the bigger challenges they face tomorrow.