In delivering precise solutions for over 17 years, dFakto has built up a great deal of knowledge and expertise. The result of this is a number of data-driven products that quickly and easily answer some of the most often requested issues in the market.
Even though each of our products addresses different aspects of data management, they all have one thing in common, each is designed to gather all the necessary data (internal and external, static and dynamic) you need to answer your specific business needs.
As such, they each echo our company motto: Your data. Our expertise. Your future.

 GDPR 360

Our innovative GDPR 360 solution addresses the GDPR post-assessment implementation & operational challenges

Transformation 360

T360 is the simplest
portfolio management solution to pilot & analyse complex portfolio’s of programs and projects

Customer 360

C360 delivers a total view of the customer. This simple and elegant solution offers you a ‘single’ version of the truth about your customers.


Our Advanced PROject PROfitability to increase margins in Engineering PMO’s


When facing GDPR, most organizations are focusing on the assessment rather than on the GDPR post assessment implementation & operations.

Those organisations are supported by Law firms for their legal framework, Security firms for their security frameworks and/or GDPR consultants to produce DPIA’s (Data Protection Impact Analysis).

Where are you in your process to be GDPR compliant? Is your assessment done? Have you already set up an operational solution to manage your daily actions once GDPR is in application?

Regulations come into effect in less than 5 months, less than 140 days from now! After that, the full force of the law comes into effect. 

Before May 25, 2018 performing an impact assessment was adequate, but after this date, every bit of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) across the business must be accounted for and managed, to avoid very real fines.

This is a game changer. It is no longer adequate to simply have ‘accounting-like’ procedures in place – the actual PII data must be managed and the business is accountable for it directly.

GDPR is fundamentally a highly evolutive data management challenge. The GDPR solution requires an agile data approach.

Discover our GDPR 360 operational solution to effectively manage daily activities and stay secure regarding risks and costs exposure.

dFakto provides you with the best agile GDPR 360 solution and services available on the market. It will tackle this impactful legal obligation in an innovative, cost effective, incremental and sustainable way.

Are you struggling to deliver up-to-date and accurate project statements, particularly when there are many on the go? You should consider T360. It offers one single version of the truth that can be shared amongst all stakeholders that is 100% reliable and consolidated, thereby helping you know your progress so you can make the right decisions for the future.

T360 is an efficient tool for those of you who are spending too much time on producing and maintaining progress reports on your various projects. With its simple interface, and clever automation, T360 is automatically updated and accurate within minutes letting you know precisely what’s going on at any time. Needing virtually no training, this web-based tool – agnostic to your IT systems – means that status updates take just a few minutes to complete. By cleverly combining hard and soft measurements, that’s numbered data coming straight from your system, as well as the perceived progress of a project as reported by individuals, it is possible to create one single version of the truth and present it in a series of multi-layered dashboards that can be shared with everyone involved.

With T360, it’s time for agile Portfolio, Program & Project Management (PPPM).

  • Live progress on your transformation enabling pro-active management
  • Automated processes and tools enabling huge savings in admin workload
  • Fast, simple and easy: set it up by yourself or with our support in just a few short hours, and make changes in 1 click and see it handled in a simple workflow

Do you know your customers? Of course you do … But can you access all the information you want to know in a single click? Like your customer’s value, purchasing behaviour, needs and preferences, … all in real-time? If not, you are probably struggling to keep all your data sources up-to-date and this is likely to be an even bigger problem when you attempt to link static and dynamic data.

You may already have considered purchasing some fancy applications that promise you this single customer truth, but have quickly come to realize that they are unpayable and way too cumbersome to set up.

We have a solution that will fit your needs perfectly. We’ve designed a platform offering a single customer view that is easy to set up and does not drain the resources of your IT department. Better still, it’s a scalable solution that can both fit your basic needs, and be expanded to tackle your most complex problems.

You can choose between our standard solution or a more tailored version designed to your specific requirements.

  • Easy, fast & flexible: C360 uses the dFakto tools that have been created for flexible data management
  • What you need is what you get: our C360 is designed to cover your basic needs. You will love the flexibility and scalability of our product, and appreciate how it covers almost all your key requirements
  • We know how difficult and expensive it can be to keep all your data sources clean and up-to-date. With C360 you will always have the latest version of the truth to hand
  • We are ready for your future: our C360 data structure is set up to deal with all your future strategic decisions

In partnership with Sonaca Engineering Services

Most companies struggle to get accurate insights on future expenses, let alone scope variations and reconciliations year on year. Only a few enjoy advanced reporting solutions, making anticipative financial steering a reality.

By combining a robust methodology and state-of-the-art information management, we’ve developed APRO². It’s an advanced solution that significantly improves financial performance project-by-project.

APRO2 can be easily tailored to your specific needs.

  • Robust bottom-up financial monitoring, focused on estimated total cost at completion
  • Effective performance management of project teams structured around standardized financial reporting and cascaded meetings
  • Dynamic dashboards with drill-down and reporting capabilities, supported by user-friendly interfaces
  • Ability to connect with multiple company data sources
  • Agility to answer both current & future needs